Wednesday, August 31, 2011

(More) Transforming Prepared Foods

Turkey Chili Makeover

This week seems to be "dress up prepared foods" week.  On Monday I beefed up bottled marinara and last night I dressed up Citarella's Turkey Chili.  When you're a challenged cook, or even a good cook who is tired after a day's work, there's nothing wrong with adding your own touches to prepared foods to make them seem more like home made.  Last night's dinner was no exception.  I love Citarella's packaged turkey chili, but I like to add to it so it's a complete meal.  Here's what I did:  I put a bowl of the chili in the microwave and heated for 4 minutes.  When it was done I took about a half cup of Birds Eye frozen peas, put them in a microwave safe bowl with two tablespoon of water and heated for about 30 seconds.  When they were done I put them on top of the chili, added about a tablespoon of banana peppers from a jar, and microwaved for 20 seconds.  This way it was a complete meal and looked and tasted great.  You know me and lemon - I squeezed half a lemon on top and put the lemon on top and chopped some spring onions for a nice presentation.

Less is More!

I was really hungry last night.  Usually a half of the container of the chili fills me up, but not last night.  Instead of just blindly finishing off the entire container, I put about half in a smaller bowl, again with the peas and hot peppers.  This way it looked like a full serving and I didn't stuff myself with food I really didn't need or want.

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