Thursday, January 23, 2014

Skinny Health - My Cholesterol Results

I came down with my annual cold last week.  Just to be sure it wasn't the flu I went to my GP - his name is Dr. Christopher Schultz of the Cornell Medical Group - here's a copy of his email

Hi Christopher,

Here are the results from your last set of labs.

Your blood count was normal, with no signs of anemia, infection or low platelets. Your blood chemistry and electrolytes were normal, and there were no signs of problems with kidney or liver function.

Your cholesterol numbers were good, specifically your LDL cholesterol was 89 and for your set of cardiac risk factors, your goal should be below 130. Your HDL was 85 and the goal is above 40, optimally above 60. LDL is the cholesterol that promotes heart disease and HDL is the cholesterol that helps protect from heart disease. Your HDL is amazing. And so is your LDL for that matter.

Your cholesterol numbers are already great, and you can maintain these numbers by continuing to get regular exercise and by eating a healthy diet. Try to minimize saturated fats and eat more lean protein, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Saturated fats are found in high-fat dairy products (butter, cheese, etc) and in red meat. Cardiovascular exercise most days of the week (4+ days per week) with a goal heart rate from 120-130 best promotes heart health.Typically this can be achieved by exercising to the point you are slightly short of breath but you could still maintain a conversation with someone next to you. If you want more information, click on Health Information and search for "cholesterol".

It's CW again - these great results prove that a Mediterranean diet is the way to go for a healthy lifestyle - of course regular exercise is important as well.