Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer in the City

Last night my dog Hubbell and I had a date to meet his two girlfriends, Lahtke and Chavi, and their mothers, Deb and Julie, at the Pier in Riverside Park.  Hubbell usually will walk as far as the curb in front of our building for his nightly constitutional, but brilliant dog that he is, when I said "Chavi! Lahtke!" in the apartment he started chasing his tail and couldn't get out of the apartment fast enough.

It might not have only been love of his friends that had him scurrying down the street towards the park.  He knows that this is a dinner date and he and I would split a cheese burger, fries and a hot dog (though I had to scrape off the sauerkraut off of his half of the hot dog). 

It's self service and the lines can be long but it's worth the wait.  The food - while not on the usual Skinny Guy menu - is pretty good and reasonably priced.  The hamburger, hot dog and a Corona were $20 plus tipping the counter gal.  You grab a table where you can find one and drink in the beautiful views of the majestic Hudson River. 

The pier and grounds along the Hudson River have been rebuilt and replanted and look beautiful.  There are still vestiges of the Hudson River of yesteryear including an abandoned building just off the shore that looks like it was a loading dock of sorts - all in all a nice melding of the old and the new.

The dogs were so excited I couldn't get them to stand still for a picture.  They have been friends since they were puppies - the three of them met in the Riverside Park dog run.  Julie, Deb and I have been along for the ride.

Hubbell was tuckered out today after his night on the town

It's hard to believe that today is August 24th already and summer is drawing to a close.  Though technically we have about a month left.  The fall equinox is September 23rd at 5:05 AM. 

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