Monday, August 8, 2011

My Summer Weekend

I spent the weekend enjoying my favorite summer treats.  I bought a whole watermelon that was about the size of a bowling ball for $3 from the street vendor.  I bought zucchini blossoms at the farmers market and ruby red grapefruits were on sale at the grocery store.

I made grapefruit slushies first.  I've posted this recipe using oranges before. You have to use fresh squeezed juice - store bought juices like Tropicana won't work.  After juicing, put the juice in the freezer until it develops a slushy consistency so you can eat it with a spoon.  All freezers are different so keep an eye on it.  This batch took about 2 hours.  It's really delicious. 

For lunch I had a low fat tuna salad sandwich with hot banana peppers.  I served it on a hero brioche with baby arugula and topped with sea salt and Sonoma pepper. 

I will post the recipe for the zucchini blossoms tomorrow.  They are fried in extra virgin olive oil and stuffed with goat cheese.  These were so delicious that I made a second batch after I finished the first.

I had a cocktail party on Saturday night.  I was amazed that my six friends fit comfortably in my tiny apartment. 

Presentation is everything.  Everyone should have at least one nice serving tray in their arsenal.  I served chopped chicken livers, sun dried tomato tapenade and smoked salmon spread.  I had rosemary crackers and some plain wafers. 

Cocktail Hor d'oeuvres

Hubbell was sulking because someone was sitting on his spot on the couch

For lunch on Sunday I had chilled tomato soup.  I've posted this recipe before, but in brief, it's very easy to make.  You score and x on the top of 3- 4 tomatoes per person.  Take your knife and cut out the core at the bottom.  Steam for five minutes (or boil for 3 minutes).  Let the tomatoes cool.  The skin will peal right off.  Put in the blender with plenty of sea salt.  Don't over blend - you want some consistency.  Put in the fridge for a few hours to cool.  Squeeze in some lemon juice, top with Sonoma pepper and lemon basil pesto. 

We're into August and summer is racing by.  Why not stop by the Farmers Market this weekend and stock up on seasonal fruits and vegetables before they're gone until next year.  

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