Thursday, September 1, 2011

Photos of the Day

The incredible Blue Grotto on the Coast of the Isle of Capri

No trip to Capri - or to Italy for that matter - is complete without a visit to the Blue Grotto, which is a sea cave where the water is a dazzling blue (as the name suggests!).  The weather conditions have to be just right because you enter the grotto through a very small opening.  You take a boat from the port of Capri and then transfer to a small rowboat.  Only a few people fit in these tiny skiffs and you literally have to lie on your back on the bottom of the boat when you enter.  The gondolier literally laid down on top of me when we entered.  I had no idea what I was in for and, to be honest, I was a little bit scared.

View from the boat that took us from the port to the Grotto

You wait for quite some time for your turn to come up and when it does, you have to act quickly.  If you were to stand up - or even sit up - you could get a very serious head injury.  The waters are really rough and the opening is so small and low there isn't any room for error.  But once inside the scene is absolutely spectacular.  There are 5 or 6 other rowboats in the grotto with you and the gondoliers all start to sing Italian arias at the tops of their voices.  So what that they're all singing different songs?  It's an experience you'll never forget.

Back on dry land

Here's your phonetics lesson for today:  it's pronounced CAP-ree, not cap-PREE as most Americans pronounce it.  I still lapse into cap-PREE myself but here's a way to impress your friends and neighbors!

I shot video while I was in there, too.  I'll post it when I set up my You Tube account.  Stay tuned!

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