Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Barbecue Chicken

Today's recipe is a bit of a departure.  It's not a totally skinny recipe, but not too bad and you have to splurge sometimes.  I take a good sized, meaty chicken breast.  I dry it with paper towels and place in an oven safe casserole dish.  Buy a large chicken breast that is whole - don't but the ones that have been split.  You want a thick breast that will keep in the juices.

Here are the good parts - I leave the skin on, apply sea salt and then cover with barbecue sauce.  We're talking a good, heaping 4 tablespoons of the sauce.  You want a thick layer because this will act as a seal to lock in the juices.  Now for the good news: the barbecue sauce in a bottle has zero fat and 60 calories per serving.  (A serving is 2 tablespoons.)  I roast at 375 degrees for 45 minutes.  The thick layer of barbecue sauce keeps the chicken really moist.  I place in the oven and set the timer for 25 minutes.  At 25 minutes I place the vegetables for roasting in the same oven and cook for an additional 20 minutes. 

When finished and resting I put the winter squash in the microwave and cook for about 3 minutes.  The squash and brussell sprouts, tomato, garlic and lemon are all fat free.  So, the worst offense here is the skin on the chicken.


1 whole chicken breast
4 - 6 tablespoons barbecue sauce
2 teaspoons coarse sea salt
1/2 package frozen winter squash

(See prior posts for roasted vegetable recipe)


Dry the chicken breast with a paper towel.
Cover with the sea salt
Apply a generous layer of the barbecue sauce
Place in a pre-heated 375 degree oven
Roast for 25 minutes
Add the pan with the vegetables for roasting and cook another 20 minutes
Let rest and microwave winter squash for 3 minutes

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