Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Money Saving Weekend

Friday night: tuna burgers and roasted asparagus, tomato and lemon

Last Friday, payday was a week away and my bank account was on empty.  I decided to have a little competition with myself and spend as little money as possible over the weekend.  So for dinner on Friday  night I defrosted a tuna burger - they freeze very nicely.  Here's the link to the recipe:  http://www.skinnygourmetguy.com/2011/06/guest-gourmand_24.html.  I had some asparagus in the fridge which I roasted with tomatoes, garlic and onion.  Basically a free dinner.  See my posting on August 3rd for the roasted asparagus recipe.  http://www.skinnygourmetguy.com/2011/08/roasted-asparagus-and-tomatoes.html

Saturday lunch: tuna with low fat mayo, hot peppers, dill pickles and pita chips

For lunch on Saturday I made one of my favorite sandwiches - tuna with peppers and low fat mayonaisse.  I already had a can of albacore tuna in the fridge - I keep it there so it's chilled when I'm ready to make a sandwich - here's the recipe: http://www.skinnygourmetguy.com/2011/06/whats-for-lunch.html.  The brioche hero roll cost 79 cents.

No walk to Riverside Park is complete without a stop at the Boat Basin

After lunch Hubbell and I headed out to Riverside Park - that's free entertainment!

Majestic sailboat anchored in the Hudson

The old and new: abandoned structure with cruise ships in the backround

Hubbell visited friends at the dog run

Saturday dinner: rigatoni with clam sauce

On the way home from the gym on Saturday morning I checked out the local fish monger.  He had clams on sale for $5.99 a dozen.  I love linguine with clam sauce.  I was out of linguine but had rigatoni - works just as well!  Here's a link to the recipe: http://www.skinnygourmetguy.com/2011/09/back-to-reality.html

A dozen clams for $5.99

All in all a pretty inexpensive weekend - my out-of-pocket was under $10.00.  I try to challenge myself to have "spend no money" days and inexpensive weekends - it's a fun competition.  Living in one of the most expensive cities in the world, not spending a penny and still eating and living large.  Try it!

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