Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dessert: Gelato!

Sorbet and gelato have less than half the fat than ice cream.  This is one of my favorites - raspberry and lemon sorbet.

This is my first posting about dessert.  I love to cook but I'm not a baker.  With baking you have to be very precise with measurements or you end up with a disaster.  Cooking is a lot freer.  It's been difficult for me to write out recipes because I usually just do things by eyeing them - a pinch here, a dash there.

Gelato has a wide variety of intense flavors
On top of all that - I'm not really a cookies or cake person - my go-to dessert was always ice cream.  Until that fateful trip to Napoli and I had my first gelato.  Gelato is a lot denser than ice cream and the flavors more intense.  Plus - gelato is lower in fat than ice cream.  In fact, it has half the fat of ice cream - about 6 or 7 percent.  Ice cream is 12 - 18% fat.  To be considered ice cream in the USA it has to have at least 10% butter fat.  The fruit based gelatos have less than 1% fat.  That's why gelato (which is Italian for ice cream) can't be called ice cream.

So the next time you're looking for a tasty dessert mangia on gelato!  It's healthier than ice cream and, in my humble opinion, offers much better texture and flavors.  

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