Friday, September 30, 2011

New Twist on Roasted Asparagus

Beet stems add a crisp sweetness to roasted asparagus

The next time you buy beets make sure to store the stems in tupperware in your refridgerator.  You can pop them in the microwave and eat them plain - they're really sweet and delicious.  Each bunch of beets has a ton of stems and the store in the fridge quite nicely.

Don't toss the beet stems or leaves - they're delcious and the stems can last in the fridge for a week or two

I was making roasted asparagus last night and decided to toss some of the stems in while the dish roasted.  They offered a sweet contrast to the pungent asparagus - and it looked nice too!  Try it next time you roast asaparagus, broccoli or brussel sprouts.

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