Friday, July 22, 2011

Will They Fit?

Challenge: Fit in Your Summer Pants by Labor Day
I've gotten down to a size 31 inch waist - but will the size 30's fit?

When I was shopping for my trip to the Amalfi Coast two years ago, my friend Tiffany Canty, a shopper at Bloomingdales, found a gorgeous pair of Italian linen pants.  They are white with a very thin navy window pane design.  They were also a size 30 waist.  Tiffany and another shopper friend insisted that I take them.  "But I can't breathe!" I protested.  Tiffany was having none of it and soon I was walking out the door with these tiny slacks.

The Pants in Question - July 4th Weekend

Every summer I trot out those pants.  This year on Memorial Day weekend I wore them to dinner at the Boathouse in Central Park.  They were tight.  They were very snug.  But I managed to get through dinner without popping the button on the waist and taking someone's eye out.

The Pants in Question last week

I started this blog on the day after that Memorial Day dinner.  I've had a lot of fun test driving recipes practically every night.  Before the blog I would sneak those salt & vinegar potato chips every so often.  I'd have steak frites. I'd have the occasional slice (or two) of pizza.  Not to say I'm never going to indulge - I do and will.  I've just cut down on that.  I've also seen that you don't automatically have to have potato or rice with dinner.  I usually have two vegetables instead of one vegtable and a starch.  I'm not into the Atkins diet, but I do try to watch the carbs.  I still have pasta - but have been skipping the garlic bread.

I wore the pants in question again over July 4th.  I noticed a difference.  They weren't so snug.  I tried them on again last week and they actually fit comfortably.

The point is this: my ideas and recipes seem to be working, at least for me.  So, I issue this challenge: try some of my recipes and work out ideas - and see if your tight summer pants fit more comfortably by Labor Day - and please let me know how you do.  If you have before and after pictures, I'm happy to post them.

Happy Summer!

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