Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coffee and Snack Challenge

Perhaps it's the heat wave.  But lately I've changed two huge habits.  I've replaced coffee with fresh squeezed juice in the morning.  I've also been passing on the Pop Chips and have been opting for chilled fruit instead.

Dawn's Early Rise - 5:15 AM on the Upper West Side

I work out in the morning before work.  The alarm goes off at 5 AM to give me enough time to walk the dog and make it to an early exercise class.  I took the picture above on Tuesday before my 6:30 AM yoga class in Central Park.

Morning Do: Fresh Squeezed Juice

I tried this experiment about a week ago and have stuck to it ever since.  Time is at a premium in the morning, so I decided I would have juice instead of coffee.  I tend to linger over a cup of coffee in the morning and figured juice would be a nice alternative.  I squeeze the juice before I go to bed, cover the glass with plastic wrap and put it in the refridgerator to chill while I sleep.  No grinding the beans and taking the time to percolate the coffee in the morning.  It's amazing - not only does it taste delicious, but I'm focused and actually feel happier.  I have a spring in my step as I walk to class.

Try Chilled Watermelon and Cantelope in place of Chips

Next up is the cocktail hour.  My downfall has always been potato chips.  And I love cheeses and yummy fattening foods like chopped chicken livers and italian sausage.  But if I dive into a deliciously chilled melon I don't crave the fatty stuff.  (Well, maybe a little.) 

Cocktail Hour Don't: the Super Fattening Spread

Cocktails at the Peninsula

Most of my friends think it's heresy when I suggest they opt for fresh juice over coffee - or watermelon over a nice spicy sopressata.  I'm not saying you should never have the fattening stuff or caffeine.  But why not take advantage of the fruits of summer and see how it makes you feel.  In my case, I feel like a million bucks.  If you try this please share your thoughts with us - I encourage you to click on the comment bar below and report on your experiences.

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