Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun Summer Dinner

It's summer and that means soft shell crabs are in season!  I have soft shell crabs fairly often over the summer - the season is so short, best to take advantage.  They're quick and easy to prepare.

Les Ingredients

Two of the crabs are good for one serving.  You'll need flour, egg white and panko.  I salt and pepper the panko and add herb de provence for a little color.  I serve the crabs on sauteed fresh baby spinach, tomatoes, scapes and garlic along with plenty of fresh lemon juice.

Dry the crabs off with paper towels

Dredge in flour, dip in egg white and cover well with the panko mixture

Cook for two minutes on each side

I transfer the crabs to another pan and pop them in the oven at 275 - 300 degrees while I sautee the spinach - just enough to keep them warm.

Sautee the baby spinach, tomatoes, scapes and garlic.  I toss a half a lemon in as well - this goes very quickly.  I use the same pan that I used to cook the crabs

Dinner is served!  Try this while soft shell crabs are still in season.

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