Friday, July 8, 2011

Why Waste the Calories and Fat?

Coffee Do: Fat Free Half & Half

I never really thought about calories and fat in Half & Half.  But when I happened to read the label on regular Half & Half I couldn't believe how much calorie and fat are packed into each serving.

Coffee Don't: regular Half & Half has twice the calories and fat

Each two tablespoon serving of Half & Half contains 40 calories - 20 of which are from Fat.  With Fat Free Half & Half there are 20 calories and, as the name implies, no fat.

I'm getting in the habit of reading labels

Read it and weep!

You could unwittingly be starting your day with an extra dose of calories and fat.  I can't tell the difference - the Fat Free tastes great.  Use it in dishes calling for cream - not just for coffee or tea.

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