Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Photo of the Day

My Dog Hubbell

Introducing Hubbell!  Hubbell is a bichon frise.  I rescued him from the NY Humane Society in 2005.  He was five months old and they thought he was a gift to a family who shouldn't have a dog.  Their loss was my gain.  Hubbs is a big guy - he tips the scales at 20 plus lbs.  I would wonder if he were a mix, but he came with papers.  A lot of his ancestors were named Napoleon!  Fortunately, Hubbell doesn't have a Napoleonic complex.  He's a wonderful little guy.

If you're looking for a dog I hope you'll consider adopting from a shelter.  There are many great rescue organizations but today I'll highlight the New York Humane Society.  Here's their website: http://www.humanesocietyny.org/

Me and My Shadow

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