Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Disaster Strikes . . .

Happier times - Tuna Sliders on Sunday night

Things went really well with the Tuna Sliders on Sunday, but things went south when I tried to make Salmon Sliders on Monday night.

I couldn't wait to try making Chef Bobo's Tuna Sliders (see blog entree on June 24th).  I bought some wonderful, ruby red tuna at the farmer's market across from Lincoln Center on Saturday.  I bought about a pound.

The Ruby Red tuna was so beautiful it broke my heart to cut it into chunks -
Tuna is much meatier than Salmon

I opted for the version with cilantro and lime juice.  I added a touch of cilantro and had some fresh lemon basil so I tossed some in as well.  Per Chef's instructions, I formed the sliders and chilled for the afternoon.  For the last hour I put the patties into the freezer.  It worked like a charm.  Tuna is so substantial that it was easy to put them in slider form.  They were so red they almost looked like hamburger sliders.

I cooked the tuna on the cast iron skillet for two minutes per side.  I sauteed frozen spinach (that I defrosted) in olive oil with fresh chopped garlic

It was such a success I couldn't wait to try it with Salmon.

You can see that the Salmon  isn't as substantial as the Tuna - so far less wet ingredients should be added and you should only pulse briefly in the food processor

I followed the same routine - but if you'll notice,
I put too many wet ingredients in and ended up with mush

I managed to get the mixture into the shape of sliders and put in the freezer overnight

The Tuna Sliders were so juicy and delicious -
hopefully the Salmon Sliders will work out in the end

Stay tuned to see how this one plays out.  After freezing the Salmon Sliders overnight I will transfer to them to the fridge for a few hours to defrost and then try cooking them.  (Salmon defrosts very quickly.) I'll post the results tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

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