Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guest Gourmand

From time to time I'll be inviting friends to contribute one of their favorite recipes and I'll cook them and post pictures.  These recipes can either fit the Skinny Gourmet template - or not!  We all need to splurge now and then.  Today's recipe is definitely skinny - not to mention easy and delicious.

My friend Martena is from Thailand and has introduced me to wonderful dishes that are exotic to this guy from Scituate, Massachusetts.

Favorite Fish with Asian Plum Sauce

I call this "Favorite Fish" because you can use whichever fish you like best for this recipe -  today we're using Tilapia - but Salmon or Sea Bass work just as nicely.
Ingredients per person

1/2 pound of Tilapia
2- 3 sprigs of Lemon Basil
2 - 3 Garlic Scapes 
2 - 3 Pickled Plums
1/2 Red Pepper
1/2 Yellow Pepper
1 section of Fresh Ginger
1/8 cup Teryaki Sauce

Side dish
3 - 4 sprigs of Broccolini


Using a steamer with two levels for cooking, place the Broccolini in the lower level - cover and steam for 3 - 4 minutes

Line an oven safe Pyrex dish with the Lemon Basil and Garlic Scapes 
Place the Tilapia on the Basil and Garlic
Cover with 3 - 4 Pickled Plums
Add the Teryaki Sauce
Add the Limes, squeezing them on the Tilapia first.
Cut the Red and Yellow Peppers into matchstick sized pieces
Finely dice the Fresh Ginger
Place dish on the upper level of the Steamer
Cover and Steam for 5 minutes - when using Salmon steam for a few extra minutes - be sure the Salmon is pink and flakey, then you'll know it's done

Fresh Garlic at the Farmer's Market - the leaves are delicious - the scapes look a bit like scallions

Martena bought the Pickled Plums for me in Chinatown

Tilapia sitting on the bed of Lemon Basil and Garlic Leaves and Lime
with the Pickled Plums and Teryaki on top

The Red & Yellow Peppers and Fresh Ginger added - ready to steam

The Broccolini goes in first and steams for 3- 4 minutes

Steam for an additional 5 minutes

Et Viola!

Here's the dish using Salmon - steam for a few extra minutes
than when using Talapia - until the Salmon is pink and flakey.

Favorite Fish with Salmon

Thanks to this week's Guest Gourmand, Martrna!  I met Martina in Spin Class - I took this picture after class on Saturday.

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