Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to be Skinny

One of my favorites - crispy flounder with string beans

I started this blog on May 31st, 2011 and my weight was fluctuating between 155 - 158 pounds reliably.  I had no intentions of losing any more weight - I'm 5'10 and was skinny when this started.  I wanted to share healthy recipes and my exercise routine.  Just over 4 months later I am weighing in at around 145 lbs to 148 lbs.  The only difference is that I have virtually cut red meat out of my diet.  (I had a steak on my birthday in July.)  I have chicken occasionally - like my guilt free fried chicken that I blogged about yesterday.  Seems that eating mostly fish is the secret.  Exercise is important, too, but I haven't altered my workouts at all.   I've just been enjoying coming up with different recipes and it turns out they're mostly fish.

I don't totally shun carbs, but I pick and choose when to have them.  I don't automatically serve a starch with dinner - I just make sure to have a big vegetable dish on the side - my favorite being any kind of roasted vegetables like asparagus or broccoli with tomato.  I don't have sandwiches for lunch during the week and hardly during the weekend.  I have cereal for breakfast every morning - making sure they're low in sugar.  I just don't buy having bacon and eggs and no bread.  So I get carbs from the cereal and I save up for pasta - with marinara or pesto - no meat in the sauce.

For the next week I'll do a real time diary of what I am eating.  Even though it's mostly fish for dinner, I have a lot of variety and am never bored with any evening's meal.  Plus, most of my recipes are very easy to prepare and cook in minutes.  So, stay tuned!  And let me know if there's a dish that you'd like me to try.  Who knows, you may be the next Guest Gourmand!

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