Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spinach Pasta with Roasted Tomato Marinara

Easy dinner

I got a lot of mileage from my roasted tomato marinara.  It was so intense that it just got better and better when you add your favorite jarred sauce to it.  The flavor varies when you do this - it's like a new marinara each time. 

Version #7

You can also shake things up by trying different kinds of pasta.  I went to Eataly and bought different raviolis, which are best with pesto.  I got interesting pastas to go with the marinara.  Last night I tried spinach linguine.  

I sauté heirloom tomatoes and add to sauce 

Fresh home made spinach linguine from Eataly

Fresh pasta cooks in under 5 minutes and freezes really well (freeze when you get it home from the store and before you cook it)

It's so good you could have it plain

But it's even better with marinara

All it needs is a bit of parmesan

Here's the link for the marinara recipe: http://www.skinnygourmetguy.com/2011/10/marinara-with-roasted-tomatoes.html.  It take a little bit of time to prepare, but once you do it freezes very well and you'll have the basis for many delicious dinners.  

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