Monday, January 23, 2012

$85 for Hubbell's Grooming - Of Course it Snows the Next Day!

Perfectly coiffed

My dog Hubbell's groomer, Rebekah, is very good and very in demand.  I have to make appointments literally months in advance.  I made his appointment for this past Friday in August.  So, of course it would snow the next day!

Ready for his close-up

We met Rebekah at an upscale doggie spa when Hubbell was a puppy.  The owners criticized Rebekah for spending too much time grooming each dog.  She got fed up and quit.  I happened to run into her on the street and she told me she was starting her own dog grooming business.  We were among her first customers.  Not only does Rebekah do an amazing job - she comes to my apartment to do the grooming  Hubbell never got over being in the shelter and it would break my heart to drop him at the groomers - he'd get very upset.  Now he is coiffed in the privacy of his own home.  You also hear horror stories about professional dog grooming salons.  How they'll leash the dog on the table and step away.  A dog can try to jump off the table and be strangled.  So Hubbell and I would both be wrecks.  I'm so lucky to have Rebekah as Hubbell's groomer and he loves her. 

Snowstorm starting on Friday night 

If you have a white dog, you know that snow can wreak havoc on a dog's hairdo.  To make matters worse, while Hubbell hates rain, he loves snow and wants to play "king of the hill" and climb to the top of the nearest snowbank.  But he managed to stay clean thanks to his boots and sweater. 

Following are random shots of the storm and the aftermath:

Directly out my window

Out my window to the west

Out my window to the east

Farmer's market at Lincoln Square
on the way to the Y on Saturday morning

Frozen cabbage anyone?

Central Park on the way to work this morning

The first snowfall of 2012 is but a memory.  I took the picture above while cutting through the park to get to work this morning.  It's rained on and off all day washing away the remaining snow.  Thank goodness Hubbell's hairdo is safe for a few more days at least!

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