Friday, December 6, 2013

Skinny Snacks - Have Your Sweets and Eat Them Too!

I try to stave off my late afternoon sweet tooth by eating a late lunch.  But eventually I just need a something sweet no matter how late I had my soup and salad.  Rather than having a giant cookie or candy bar, I have a two-pronged approach to having my snack and eating it too! 

First, I always have a box of Teddy Grahams on my desk.  I have as many of them as I want - 24 pieces are only 130 calories with 35 coming from fat. I might have 12 pieces if I'm really hungry.  They satisfy my craving but so I don't feel totally bereft I mix in a little bit of chocolate.

Frans Chocolates
I usually buy a bar of high quality dark chocolate.  The flavors are so intense that one square is all I need.  But every so often someone will send chocolate as a gift.  Recently Camilla, a colleague from our Bevery Hills office, sent me Frans chocolates.  They are the perfect size and sprinkled with sea salt.  Between the two along with a cup of coffee (with Splenda) my snack attack is defeated. 
So, next time you want something sweet try combining low cal with a little bit of decadence!

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