Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Best Soy Sauce!

It's great to live in New York City for many reasons.  But when it comes to food, you hit pay dirt.  Not only are there amazing restaurants and places to shop, but you meet people from different cultures who can introduce you to products you didn't even know existed.

I've written about my friend Martena before.  She is from Thailand but also spent many years working as a flight attendant, so she has tasted many different cuisines.  We were talking about steaming fish.  I mentioned that I sometimes marinate the fish in soy sauce.  Immediately, Martena said I dont know from soy sauce and promised to pick up the real deal from Chinatown the next day.

Alaskan king salmon and broccolini with ginger and soy sauce

Martena wasn't kidding.  She bought a large bottle of Healthy Boy soy sauce.  I tried it and couldn't believe the difference.  It's really night and day.  I looked online and found it on Amazon and other sources - so even if you don't live in NYC you can buy it.  The bottle Martena bought was $3.25 - the pricing online was up to $12 for the same bottle.  So, splurge!  Or fly to NYC and shop in Chinatown.  If you buy enough you will end up saving money!  Stay tuned for recipes featuring this delicious Thai sauce.  You'll never buy Kikkoman again.


  1. I will definitely try the soy sauce!!

  2. I should have mentioned I bought the Soy Sauce with Mushrooms - thanks for commenting Alan!