Thursday, December 15, 2011

Moving Day

My souvenir ducky from the Intrepid days

This is the busiest week of the year for people doing Broadway house seats (that would be me).  I am literally moving tens of thousands of dollars in tickets every week in December.  And yet, I had to move offices today.  Last night, the painters arrived to paint my old office.  They were literally moving furniture around me as I frantically typed out a few remaining house seat requests for the day.

I still made sure to have a healthy lunch

I had been on the 15th floor of our building and am now on the 16th floor.  I worked on the 16th floor for the first 7 years that I had this job.  I went down to 15 about a year and a half ago and am now back.  It was sad to bid adieu to my friends on 15 but I feel like it's a homecoming returning to 16.

Disaster area

So, I'm slammed again today and working in chaos, but once everything is put away and the pictures are hung, I'll be happily settled.  And, I made my usual salad for lunch instead of coping out and ordering in. 

Post office party dinner with friends and colleagues Theresa and Deana

Deana and Lonnie - while I was good at lunch today
we went off the Skinny Guy template last night!

Last night was another story, however.  My friends and colleagues Theresa, Lonnie, Deana and I went for dinner at the Old Homestead after our office party last night.  We had french fries.  We had mashed potatoes.  We had steak - my first since last July.  I didn't make much of a dent in it, but Hubbell will be in doggie heaven for his next few meals!

Tomorrow is my last day in the office until January 3rd!  I'll work from home a bit but I plan on spending lots of time exploring new skinny recipes and posting about them.  Stay tuned!

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