Friday, November 11, 2011

Photos of the Day

Am I seeing things?

The time: 6:30 this morning.  The place: West 70th & Broadway.  I'm on my way to Pilates class and am about to pick up a banana at the fruit stand when I encounter this truck. 

Bananas are 25 cents - a bargain!

For all I know, this wacky truck was delivering the produce to the stand.  As they say, the lights were on but no one was home.  There was no one in the truck.  The fruit stand guy is rather humorless at this ungodly hour so I didn't bother asking.

My Pilates instructor, Julie is the best

The picture above was actually taken in the spring.  If you haven't taken a Pilates class, it's an hour long total body workout, but it really concentrates on the core and abs.  Julie Fisher is my instructor - she really knows her stuff - check out her blog:,_Personal_training_and_yoga_.html

It was a great class today, as always.  But I'm still wondering about that truck!

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